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buzz: ok back on track we've had carol green, the spirit moved me!!!!!!!!!

buzz: now we got a stewart home remix, on the "cash from chao"s label, think it's off the cd Stewart Home Comes in yer Face,

buzz: loads of truncheon business goin on buzz: he's crashing the booker prize gig tonight, 30 year anniverasary.
I think hes goin to confront rushdie with his preesence

buzz: become the object of his gaze asit were

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buzz: come back gusano !

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buzz: stewart has finished and so nearly have I

buzz: a good segue to Fiona Banner reading Apocalypse Now word for word,
with a verbal description of every screen and camera movement,
it sounds like shes in a wardrobe watching 2 dogs fucking and telling her kid brother about it on a fisher -price "mike u talk

buzz: ben is laying some deep java on me and I can/t keep up in my state
I feel i am only capable of numbers and short strolls round the parlour that is the digital studio

buzz: not sure whether to try mister cuppa cuppa java one mo time

buzz: feeling like a stupid grinning geez

buzz: 5 o'clock now, justb changed the DATS everything working well it seems,
but everyone convinced that no one is lissening but really dont want to know the truth,
at lesast The NSA (sound archive will have another few meters of shelf space to fill,ha

buzz: 5.03 just put i drop of maxidex in each eye, and dropped my daily stiffener of anabolic steroids
and fell a bit more animalas i should as it is extracted from the pituary gland of a sheep or is it a pig?

buzz: bob is now probably in the land of nod the lucky fuck, probly had a wank before he dropped off though,
he's releiving me at8.00 so i have to ring him and pavel at 8.00, but the room is only booked till 11.00 so what kind of feckin deal was that ?

buzz: now 6.16 fiona still doing the marathon nam thing, its mesmerising and and as tim is saying its hardcore.
shes reading from a transcript (her own) but watching it silently on video, so she keeps it in real time.....very good

buzz: i think we are about one hour ahead /behind i dunno cos its quarter to
seven and fionas still got about half an hour to go

buzz: so that puts us one hou and a quarterv ahead, i think we miscalculated the lentgh of banner

buzz: zuzz zuzz buzz: buzz: zuzz zuzz buzz: zuzz zuzz buzz: zuzz zuzz buzz: buzz: zuzz zuzz

buzz: information superhighway my big fat ass



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