greedy baby update

i keep getting emails from people asking when the album will come out, so....

warp have had the album for "quality evaluation" for around 4 weeks now. In that time nobody has bothered to contact ed andy or myself or responded to the many "what the score?" emails that have been sent.

after all the effort and financial/emotional investment its incredibly frustrating to be faced with such inactivity/apathy, especially after all the positive responses to the last show (seems like there was a maximo park in-store or something at the same time as the imax show so warpers were thin on the ground)

all i want is to get this work seen,

right now that feels a million miles away.

anyhows, here is a nice review of the imax show and a tight pic taken by talented camera chap Chris Dorley-brown (a shot pasted together from the entire day)

Take it easy



so there we go then, greedy baby on the imax action

after 2 weeks of all 3 of us eating and sleeping and mixing/rendering in plaid world we bowled out of the studio with only a few hours sleep between us (andy none) heading for a roundabout across the river and a bloody great screen.

the customary 10 hr soundcheck from hell, during which i had to go and stare in the mirror and call forth the power of polish mountain men from ages past, that may or may not be ancestors (to keep me from passing out)

Jamie our sound man forced the sound to bend to his will, and it sounded bloody fantastic for it, and nick from the festival sorted the insane upscaling from dogdgy dv and super8 to BIG projector/screen

after a set of vj madness from av act the mellotrons, we were hustled on straight on stage (the no break in-between thing was a bit of a pain in the ass, what about all those who needed a toilet break?) as it turned out we enforced a bit of a break whilst andy fired up his mac. That venue is well dead (reverb) in terms of sound (it is a cinema after all) and when there was no sound in the minute or so it took for andy to wake the beast it was well dark on my head.

Once we got going it was smooth going i guess.

Thanks to being lent a bunch of stuff from edirol (thanks dudes!) my end was a lot smoother and a bit more fun for me to perform.
Its always a bit weird playing to a seated audience, we are used to a bit more feedback from the people, but i guess they were saving it up for the end.

It felt good to show the final films after all this time.

As well as the tracks that we previewed at the qeh show (this time round they were finished, hopefully someone noticed the difference) we bust 2 new tracks

the launching of the big face



for which the 12 black and white tvs i had gathered for the show came out to play

all in all it was a good show and seemed to go down well with the people in the seats.

Shouts to all the people that came, and a big thanks to nick from addictive tv who was well on the button with the production, and a big thanks to Stuart from the nft and graham from addictive for asking us to play at such a superb festival.


After a weekend off we all came back to the studio for the final push, and that's where i am today, writing whilst the films mpeg so i can bung em onto a dvd so warp can look and listen and decide whether its good enough (hope the fact that there are no guitars in it does not affect it detrimentally)

Cross yer fingers for me, and hope that all that blood sweat and tears and time and selling off of personal possessions to get this done pays off.

If it does you will be able to get a slice of our sickness November time.

If not, im probably going to sell off my stuff and start again as a plumber or something......

Take it easy



plaid & bob jaroc greedy baby@ imax show...tickets onsale

The tickets for the imax thingy are onsale now.

(update.....as of today there are 45 tickets left, so if your into it, get on the interweb and book or get on d phone a jibber)


here to book yourself a bit of ear and eye nasty........

nice one





Sad-sad news reached me last month, a constant in making work is going to be discontinued.

Kodak's process paid (in europe anyhow) k40 super-8 stock is on it's its way out "due to market forces": read that as we can shut the Swiss processing factory and sell off the land for a fat profit--------Babylon!

No more the buying super 8 stocks locally, no more the little yellow packet of super8 joy, plop trough the letterbox in the morning........nooooooooooo!

If you can be arsed read more here.

Also today i read that macs are going to migrate over to intel processors

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Greedy baby rises again!

As was foretold in the runes, the greedy baby show wakes from its slumber to make nasty with your eyes and ears in july.

The finished greedy baby av project will premiere at the optronica festival on the 20th of july at the bfi imax cinema in waterloo.
It will be over a year since the "preview" shows and the project has been primped and pulled into battle formation and hopefully will do justice to such a huge screen and tasty surround sound system. We are opening the festival with support from "the mellowtrons".

The tickets aint on sale yet but the imax aint huge (seating wise) so as soon as soon as they go on sale i will pop a note on here.

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greedy_baby out!(well out of my dvd burner anyhow)

big push on the dvd.
Last friday ed and i sat down and looked at the 7 x 5.1 pieces that make up the greedy_baby album for the 1st time with all the new mixes/edits(andy had passed out in the studio with his finger on the mixdown button after not sleeping for days).
Its sounding/looking good if i might say so myself.
That disk is sorta version 0.2.1 beta but over the next few days 0.3. should appear.
We are working hard on getting the whole thing finished (all the disk navigation and all the special feature guff) by end of april.

On the same tip, sometime in july the the greedy_baby live show might rise again for a premiere (we cant do a preview again cos the qeh 1/2 was the preview) in a very tasty venue, as soon as i have confirmed details i will put em up.

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quick, run to athens and run back again!

In a surprise (to me anyhow) booking I'm doing some talking about my working practice in Athens as part of the bios festival, showing a bit of work and flying back to be back at my desk for more greedy baby action. 6.30 flight on monday and back by 3pm the next day. I would love to stay longer but i fear that if i don't devote all my time to finishing the dvd then i will be invalid as a human, or something like that.

so if your around that way on the 21st come and say hello.

More details here.

nice one



Dvd news and my 1st solo "vj" thingy

Andy ed and me have been ramping up the slider on the greedy baby dvd.
The mixes have been filling up my ftp site with niceness and i have been giving the tracks in question a good fiddlin. We have deadline in place for finishing the main pieces (vid, stereo and 5.1 mixes) and it aint that far away.

On a different slice o'gubbins I'm gonna do a spot at alt*ctrl at the telegraph in brixton on feb 26th. I'm looking forward to it as its going to be my 1st video thing at a club so i guess its gonna be a bit of a journey into the unknown. Flat-e are on the line up 2 so it should be a laff.

"Taking a break from finishing off the long awaited greedy baby dvd, Bob jaroc, plaid’s live show visual collaborator joins us for his 1st ever solo set. Promising to to give a view into the rubbish bin of his mind via the peepers. Expect a mix of vectrex marinated super 8 analogue effluent from the large man who does not get out much these days."

More details here.

Take it easy,



My new super8/regular8 transfer service is now online and ready to take care of those lovely frames.

If you want want a high quality film transfer with an eye on the budget, or your head is mashed up by the depressing transfer that filming a projection off the wall gives you, drop by to super8transfers.com and have a peep.

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Barrio rides out.......

Just spent 2 days in london getting the finished stereo version of the return of super barrio off my hard drive and mastered onto a weeny digi-beta tape.

No sooner had i done this, the little bugger sneaks off without packing his clean pants to a slinky (the co-producers of the animation) retrospective.
The retrospective is part of the halloween (eh?) film festival at the ica and is on sunday the 16th jan.

linky for more info

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