From 1994-7 a series of open access workshops were run at the junction in Cambridge to investigate the possibilities of ultra-short film/video works appearing as almost subliminal cinematic intrusions. The project was aimed at developing ideas for creating original artworks specifically using the "space" between the adverts and the main feature of a mainstream cinema programme, and to introduce the public/artists to the new medium of digital audio/video. The workshops produced over a hundred 10-15 second pieces, six of these works were selected for transfer to film and were launched at the 1996 Cambridge Film Festival and shown at independent cinemas over the
course of 1996.

2 of the works selected for transfer to 35mm are available for
viewing here

shop-95 (790k-13secs)
c7856876-95 (1.2meg-17secs)
the 2 works are both by me (i smell a fix in the selection process)


In 1997, the producers commissioned six artists working in performance and visual arts to make forty-five second blipverts for the cinema which were seen by nearly 750,000 people during 1997/8 in a network of thirty-five independent cinemas. Appearing unannounced between the adverts and the main feature these films were designed to provide a new platform for artists not usually given the opportunity to work on widescreen 35 mm film.

Desperate Optimists, Stewart Home, Blast Theory, Markus Hansen, Ian Breakwell & Ron Geesin, Leila Arab.

The Gate (Notting Hill), Ritzy (Brixton), Cameo (Edinburgh), Phoenix (East Finchley), David Lean (Croydon), Cambridge Arts Cinema, Cinema City, (Norwich), Clapham Picture House, Exeter Picture House, Phoenix (Oxford), Duke of York (Brighton), Arnolfini (Bristol), Riverside (London), New Stratford East Picture House (London), Lux Cinema (London).

"NOW" Nottingham, England
"OSTRANENIE 97" Bauhaus, Dessau, Germany
"Connected" Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland
"Night of the Living Tongues 2" The Junction, Cambridge, England
"Darklight" digital film festival, Dublin.

The projects were devised and produced by Chris Dorley-Brown and myself.

funded by the arts council of england, eastern arts board
and supported by the junction cambridge and artec, london.