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lies Junk other people have uploaded on youtube/googlevideo n all them kinda sites
Lots of videos, performances and stuff that i have in some way been involved with.

I weep at the terrible compression these sites are getting us used to, some of the guff is worth a look though.

Please note: im not really a fan of people filming gigs, it invariably looks and sounds shit and you should be chasing girls/boys/zombies and trying to avoid the bouncers coz yer smoking pot, not filming.
So please forgive me if i ask you nicely to stop fiming at a gig, its for your own good.

    The Wrath of Marice by The Go! Team

 go team 4play part 1

 go team 4play part 2

The Go! Team - Keys to the City live

the go! team - grip like a vice live

the go! team - my world

Some video from the 1st robot arm we used in 2001 and an old plaid track. The show was in denver usa at the bluebird. I loved that old robot arm.

plaid and bob jaroc: assault on precinct zero
taken from the av album greedy baby released 2006 on warp records.
Footage from multiple tours in the usa from 2001-05

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a bit of plaid and me at rock paper scissors in the maria club in berlin,
i spent the 1st five mins of this show shouting across the venue to turn the lights out,
how hard is "turn all the lights off when we get on stage" to remember?
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the 2006 version of new family that appears on the greedy baby dvd
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the o.g. version of new family, spot the difference

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1 second phone clip at a gig
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/montage of a camera in the audence of koniesto festival- finland set to the plaid track marry.
This was one of my favourite setups for screens, i love them that far at the front.
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part 2 of koniesto festival thing
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some in crowd cam of a show in paris, was a sweaty one, what's "wont you come in" all about?
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phonecam action from a show in moscow
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wobbly cam at a show, worth it for the way the dude says plaid at the end.
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a moscow 04/06/06 montage of the show
  telly button bad sound on this one from thekla in bristol, the bass was realy tight due to the venue being on a boat , great mashed up crowd