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plaid and bob

Conceived as a surround-sound live show and a 5.1 dvd release Greedy Baby is a collaboration between electronic music pioneers Plaid and video artist bob jaroc.

Developed over 4 years Greedy Baby has evolved from their long and varied relationship, touring and continually developing their live audio-visual show to packed audiences from Buenos Aries, to Tokyo, Istanbul, London’s Imax and beyond. The creation of this new album marks a truly pioneering process with tracks and video passing back and forth, inspiring and informing either parties work in a synaesthetic exchange. The result, a collection of polished gems in sound and light - a truly rich beaker of Plaid’s ears and Bob’s twisted eyes.

The dvd was released 26/06/06 on warp records.

To date, the greedy baby live show has been performed at:
queen elizabeth hall southbank london @ the ether festival.
The gardener arts center @ the brighton festival.
The imax cinema @ optronica festival, waterloo london
The sage in gateshead.

birds fly
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