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Greedy baby is a moody body of work that is at times shaded and eerie and other times, warm and animated. There is a dark feel to the album that is relevant to the period it was written in, when the grave political issues surrounding America’s invasion of Iraq were at the forefront of many minds. It describes, abstractly, the last 4 years of the artists lives.
The shaded ambience of this album is inter-dispersed with the rich tones of chimes, harps and bells that resonate in the spaciousness of the music. Similarly any bleak cinematography conveyed is always distilled with flickers of light.

Many of the pieces in Greedy Baby share a loose thread of Quantum Theory, a starting block from which Greedy Baby grew. Analogies are used in the relationship of energy and matter at its most basic form with patterns of behaviour in daily life. Quantum theory provided a neat seed from which Greedy Baby evolved and extended from.

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birds fly
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