bob gig/film/plaid buddies:

plaid : they make very fine music
. Go and visit them and tell them to update their site.

andyward : co-director of the super barrio film and bad-ass artist-illustrator.

Primary talent : want to book a plaid/bob live or surround sound show? go here and talk to cris hearn

robotica : makers of wayne (named after our lovely bus driver
in america) the robot arm we use at our live shows

ladypat : creator of the brain bending video for the plaid track
squance and one of my favorite "vj"s

record labels:

schematic : miami based electronic music label and all round
lovely mouse pushers

toytronic : another electronic label that have a habit of making
my ears nice

19-t : a tokyo based label who's output I'm fond of

warprecords : the big brand imperial empire of indie and a little electronic music

for the ears:

moondogs corner : limited to an edition of one, moondog rocked well above his own weight.

emily maguire : an ol friend with a sweet voice who sings nice and lives on a fetta cheez goat farm in oz.

for the ears (net-radio):

secret agent : the soundtrack for your stylish, mysterious, dangerous life, so they claim.

fip: those french sure know how to put a radio station together.I'm lucky enough to be able to tune my fm radio to fip (some sort of radio wave warp-hole)

wfmu: tastes good, smells like sea_©lippings!

static beats: mmmmm i can feel it slipping through my fingers.

video fiddlers:

novamatic : talented video and print mouse-men

Bluespoon : real tight audio active vid dibbler

flat-e : the 3 muska-hounds of vj action

Super8 links: : my new super 8/regular 8 film transfer service.

onsuper8 : superb links page for those who love the little film frame.

filmforever : important archive and preservation guide for old and new film.

srbfilm : need some weird lens adapters, some dope engeneered thing for you film action, or sone strange filters, go see srb.

visual artists/projects:

Karenjane : she designs good and has a funny tattoo.

aswarm : Octophonic cornish goats cheese of a thor.

vermin00994 : dark, good, graff, check out his tshirts and prints.

: a great project by artist chris dorley-brown

desperate optimists : spreading like a gas over most mediums

inspiration (words):

kurt vonnegut: nuff said!

lem!: big up polish sci-fi master.


slyck forums : good good p2p forum

booking agents:

little-big: booking agency for some fine artists, pays little and takes a big cut (joke!)