Dance, main stage at a festival? oh yes

Around 2 years ago dance company random dance collaborated with plaid and myself on the opening event of the brighton festival called erazor. A few weeks ago i had the opportunity to dust the work down and take it for a spin at the big chill festival. It was an interesting proposition as the rig i used last time was far from easy to set up and run and also i had not worked with ed and andy since october 07 (i have nothing to do with the current "av" show)

Working out some new, festival friendly rig and dropping the audio triggered stuff in favor of a purely live and improvised performance was rather liberating and the piece was better for it.

I had been to the big chill a few times before as an artist and the 1st few times it was a shambles video wise, these days they have really got their act together and adam and nick (and the psl crew) are capable and amiable hosts.

The piece (video wise anyhow) consisted of super 8 that i had tortured with various devices then telecinied followed by a tasty mix of live camera of the dancers and specially prepared video (triggered off a korg kaptivator) fed into a machine that made it all green and analogue and lovely, that was filmed and then that signal went to the screen.

I'm not sure I'm going to win any awards for descriptive writing so its better you have a look...........erazor

a big thanks to guy and all at random for making this one happen.

As a bonus, i re-performed the end section in the studio as a stand alone vid,
you can peep it here if you like.

nice one



ASSIMILATION ISSUES Sneaks out and fouls the pavement

the good folks at blog boing boing have dropped the short film that's made from the film bits given away with the 1st 1000 copies of greedy baby peep it here.

I have also upped it to my selected films page.

please be enjoying my eye stink.


There i go running off without telling anyone what time i will be home....

Right then, what in hells name have i been doing over the past few months eh?
Well mario kart for the wii came out, i got a real cheap 360 and lost myself in halo 3, call of duty 4, gears of war, bioshock and the new gta (live id silly bobs if you want some). Damn, I'm looking forward to old age as i think games + opiates + being old will be alright.

Apart from the previously mentioned important stuff, in no particular order....


Created a visual show for jingle jangler jack penate, no mixing for this one as it was run from the lighting desk by the ld, kinda strange for me as I'm used to rigging and running the stuff i make.


Art kids Blast theory pinged me up and asked if i was up for making the audio for their flypad game/installation at the public gallery in West Bromwich, it opens in autumn, so if you go and think what twat made this ruckus, this twat did.


Artists Zoe Walker Neil Bromwich asked me to work on their wonderful Celestial radio project. I was tasked with the sound design, mix and the selection of psychedelic tunage (yes! finally those years of obscure vinyl collecting pays off!)

The project consisted of a mirror covered boat that moored off the coast in margate, whistable and folkestone broadcasting a radio signal of music/spoken word/interviews.

You could tune in on any fm capable radio or use the cans provided by the project. I loved working on this one and was able to cram a whole load of psychedelic nuggets into the broadcast. Hopefully sometime i will be able to host the audio for ear pleasure.


more shows with the go! team, always a pleasure to work with em.
Notable were the 2 shows in russia, i never get tired of visiting red square at stupid o'clock in the morning..

Another top show was a fund raiser for our local independent cinema in brighton the duke of york. I had a right laff hanging out in the projection booth with the amiable projectionists cutting up a load of 35mm ads and trailers into a creamy cake of 35mm nonsense. We used it as a intro to the go team but now and again it gets a airing at late night shows like some sick advert reel.
Sometime soon i will stick a web version up for eye pleasure.

Consequently, the go team and myself got a special brass plate with our names on the back of a seat, nice!, next time i go i will hustle anyone in that seat.


Remember that teeny bit of film that was included with the 1st 1000 copies of greedybaby?
The film that the enclosed neg was the rushes for was supposed to be out round the time of the release, but (errrrrr) 2 years later its finished and will be sneaking out in in the next few days. Will post when it drops.

that's it for now, i should get my pasty game playin ass down the coast to the studio.

and remember, never trust a hippy




I have just launched the site for viewing high quality full length versions of my films, enjoy.


5 years ago today i started a timelapse of cnn and finished on the 19th of april when cnn changed the banner to iraq: after sadam

for the film in high quality go to



Snatch up a catch up

Well now, i just finished half life 2 ep 2 and now feel i can get on with other less pressing matters.

Things went a little quiet then went bananas and im just about getting my shit back together after a run o' work.

End o july i was asked to do another channel4 short documentary thing on the go team, spent the month of august shooting interviews and grappling with all the super 8 id shot from stage over the last year.
Ended up missing the broadcast as the go team rolled a 3 date headline show at the same time and i was on it doing visuals.
If you missed it (as i did
go team 4play part 1

go team 4play part 2

Also did 2 edits of live tracks for online promo
The Go! Team - Keys to the City live
the go! team - grip like a vice live

As a starting point for the docco i made this edit of my fave super 8 go team stuff, it ended up being used as the ending of the film with a different soundtrack, my fave thing i have done for em yet......

like a mellow groove! i would shoot slowmo super 8 all day long if i was allowed.

3 days before the go team nme fresher's tour (wurrrgh!) rolled out i got a call to see if i could get a vid together for the go team wrath of marcie single together.
Only an idiot would try to get a video together in three days i protested, "that's why we are calling you" they replied.
Anyhows, 3 days later i had taken the docco and the 3 other go team things and mixed em up into this.......
The Wrath of Marice by The Go! Team

The day i handed the master off to my good mate lex was the day the tour rolled out, always a laff working with em on tour.

Here for a album of pics from the tour

Got back off that tour rinsed as ya like, with a voice box and chest infection. Two days after that, plaid and myself went to play a show at the oldest cinema in berlin. I will tell the story of that show some other time, its well funny.

Enough of my prattle,

more blah soon

take it easy and remember- a steady pace wins the race.




Antiworld 070707 festival no show.

Plaid and myself were supposed to play at the antiworld festival on sunday, unfortunately because of the festival organizers not honoring our contract we were forced to pull out (a 1st). The festival it seems was a shambles and most of the line up were forced to pull out for the same reason. Nobody let the public know that at least 60% of the artists had cancelled and this i think is unforgivable. Apologies to anyone who went thinking we were playing.

my "shit festival" sense was tingling when i was unfortunate enough to watch the advert for the festival on youtube, the moon landing, nelson mandela, the fall of the berlin wall? how dare this trance festival compare its half arsed rave to major world events!

where will you be on 070707? sipping tea on my sofa playing resident evil4 on me wii.

the city's will be empty my arse

More archive action:
some video from the 1st robot arm we used in 2001 and an old plaid track. The show was in denver usa at the bluebird. I loved that old robot arm.

???? /?/
??? /?/????
??????-??? ??bob??



Been cleaning the glastonbury festival mud of my mixer and lappy today, that stuff gets everywhere. I was doing the visuals for the go! team on the other stage, twas a fine show.

since i last updated, plaid and myself did a mini tour of the usa-

highlight: the la natural history museum show, great crowd, amazing venue (the american mammal exhibit!) and top production/organization

low light -the show at nasa: nearly getting into a fight with a big hippy for turning his hippy lights off while we were on "go back home with your fucking accent, this is the usa brother" i was told.

We had the fantastic opportunity to play the geode (like a huge imax type cinema) in paris on our return, now that was one huge screen.

check the photo archive for pics of these and other shows

Warp Moves collaboration mov up!

Round about a year ago, plaid,
a dance company called random dance and myself collaborated on the opening event of the brighton festival

Check it out here

and finally

take care



Forward! - again


I missed my first flight ever this weekend, was trying to get to milan for a plaid show but the damn train was replaced by a bus. Now this was cool as i had allowed for 1 travel mashup, but when i got to victoria, the district and circle line was closed.
Working my way round was going to be tight, but i was game until i got booted out at green park station because of an emergency.

I told ed and andy to throw some warm beer and offal at peoples heads as its closest to what one feels like looking at my crap.

Duhhhhhhhh. Went home and played company of heroes on hardest setting as punishment.

I have been getting ready for all the shows we got inbound, highlights for me include a show in warsaw (i got a polish mum and dad see) on the 16th of march and the day after I'm gonna be talking and showing me rubbish @ gallery Centrum Sztuki Wspó?czesnej, sort o' like the polish ica.

We playing a rave on top of a plane that's in a hanger 13th april @ Nasa Moffet Air Field, Mountain View, USA as part of the little usa mission that plaid and i will be on, i recon its gona be stupid good.

been working on the site a little and added a more together films section,
still cant seem to get the new greedy baby site done, perhaps for its year birthday

if you happen to be from romania, the transfer show is showing a bunch of vids by plaid and myself on the romanian telly, good show!

lots of shows soon, come and say hello if your at one,



happy new year


Taste that new year full of promise and anticipation soon to be replaced by defeat and resignation

ahhh that winter gloom does funny things to the mind

if you fancy some new/old eye stuff, i have put together a new section containing some things to look at, its not on the nav page yet but grab some

next plaid and bob av show is in rome @ Brancaleona on the 12th

nice one



would you like to fly in my beautiful balloon?

The bristol show was very good, i had a feeling that it was going to be the same old story with the production, but this time i was proved wrong as saul the promoter pulled his finger out and got some fine kit. The audience was well fucked up by the time we got on, and they seemed to be into it.

There were a fair few stage phantoms floating about during the show, and they were all dealt with fairly but firmly. A stage phantom is a (mostly male) mate of promoter/other act/venue worker that after a few beers/spliffs/pills thinks its a good idea to float about the stage with no purpose apart from making the joint look untidy and tripping over and pulling power plugs. I managed to get a few pics of one and a few pics from the

being on a boat, the bass was tight.....
take a look at this >>>> clip I recon this would be a superb ad for tha booze.

Thanks to saul and tom the thekla tec, it was a pleasure to play.

A film director who's work i loved died recently, RIP Robert Altman.

Good friends of mine Thor and lori had a son yesterday, welcome to the world little dude.

nice one



lick my seaclippings

The loft show in barcelona was tasty. Andy made it this time and some more new tracks bust loose to the enjoyment of the ears of people in the club.
Earlier in the soundcheck i had to be shouty bob (its a real drag for everyone concerned) as once again the promoter had not taken a blind bit of notice of the tec rider. With a bit of negotiations i got the show looking right and we enjoyed playing to a late night fucked up audience.

Next show is on the 17th nov at The Thekla in bristol on a boat apparently.

Behind the scenes im updating the greedy baby bit of the site.
The one that warp did must have took them about an hour tops, and it was poop. So i been pissin around with some flash gallery is a testy one i made with some go! team pics taken whilst on tour doing visuals for em last year.

nice one



happy november

That rave in a cave was well funny, it was the 1st time we played a gig without andy (he has a new baby girl, congratulations!) ed had his work cut out playing andy's parts but it went well for a one man down kinda thing.
Actually ed did play a gig with andy missing a long time ago on the legendary warp magic bus tour way back in 2002 @ the sheffield dry ski slope, the exact reason why andy went missing is a whole other story..........

Next show is on the 11th nov at the loft in barcelona.

If you can be arsed i gots a myspace thing....come be my friend

nice one


Weekend screening and top rave up.....make it so

After spending the week getting some new plaid live show things together, i jumped on the train on friday to introduce a screening of greedy baby at the signals film festival in Colchester, I'm not really used to question an answer sessions, but talking a load of guff about the making of greedy baby was alright.

Next up was a dash up to leeds with ed and andy for the warp night in the northern light club. Now I'm not really a fan of promoters usually, i have to really bust balls and harass them to take the fact that we need a decent screen and projector for the av show seriously.
This time around, Marcus the promoter really made an effort with the whole night, props to him, may he multiply.

The show went well with a few new tracks getting bust out and a receptive crowd.
Somebody told me a geezer was at he front dressed as super barrio, i didn't catch him with my eyes and searched in vain in the packed (and i mean like soddin sardines) club.

On our way out, we were ducking out the fire escape and lo...........
baz barrio

Baz and friend, plaid and bob salute you!

Next show elevate festival in austria.

Take it easy.....



No more mopin around

Right shows

big plaid/bob rave mashup in leeds 13th october , info here. The new ltd greedy baby tshirts will get a sneaky outing at this show a few weeks before we put them on sale.
Friday 27th october we are also playing a rave in a cave, the elevate festival in austria, come and say hello.
Greedy baby super-8 bonus feature.......

If anyone purchased a greedy baby dvd from warpmart, there was a little bit of super 8 negative in the pack. The neg was from 2 reels of super that was shot in Japan when we were playing shows there recently. The neg was transferred to digi-beta and cut up by me into 1000 pieces, put into little baggies and stuffed into 1000 copies of greedy baby.
gb film bits
The footage from the neg is now getting made into a little short film, with a new plaid soundtrack. Its to be released for free here and on the plaid site as a dvd you can burn yourself and a smaller dl moov. Everybody who has a neg piece will own an original piece of this film.
Plaid in more music shocker........

Spoke to ed yesterday and he just got back from japan where he was finishing mixing the plaid composed soundtrack for a superb new anime called Tekkon Kinkreet, its gonna be huge!
Go team dress up funny......

The go! team are doing a special halloween show in brighton with visuals by me, its on at the brighton dome sat 28th october. Probably the last time to catch the show in the present form before the go team go underground to write their new album.
Bobs shop v1.......

If by chance your ever down brighton way, drop into a shop in gardner street called jell-o, its in the north lanes and does a nice line of mens and ladies clothing.
The ladies who own it have let me take over a part of their shop and start my own little art/toy shop.
Please come and spend your pocket money on lovely bits of vinyl shaped and painted good.

take it easy

to digi



dont really know what to do with myself now that the albums out, been moping about in weird mood alot.

its 5.30 in the morning and i still cant sleep

so if you have any ideas, send em to seaclippings <at>


must sleep

On the train back home after staying up till stupid a'clock on multiple occations playing shows with ed and andy. The last 3 months have been probably the most hectic yet. Got a whole load of new shiz and a barrel load of news to bung on the site when i catch up on some sleep.

the dvd comes out today, it kinda snuck up on me. I cant really beleive thats its done.


off to club bed i go, goodnight




Stanislaw Lem 1921 -2006
picture of lem

Lift your glass to the memory of one of the greatest science-fiction writers of all time.

happy new year
bod fox 6

well now...catch up,
seems an age since i touched this site. Last time i was here things were looking well bleak (look at the last few entries of 2005 news)
Since aug05 i have had the opportunity to work designing and running live visuals with a band called the go! team, taking in all the major uk festivals and a small tour of the uk and a large tour of the states.
Those go teamy types scooped me up right at the perfect time (thanks dudes!) as id been well broke since the start of the year due to that greedy baby.
Squeezed between the go team dates i managed to squirt out a short go team documentary thingy that was broadcast on channel4 in october (its due for a repeat soon and will post up when its on)

onto dvd stuff!
the good news is that warp finally got there arses into gear and green lighted the dvd for a release may the 22nd, plenty work to be done on it till then, but still, shit, it might come out after all (i will believe it when i see it in tha shops)

And then?
Plaid and myself will be doing some more 5.1 greedy baby shows around the world in support of the album, then we will be getting a live rave show together to tour around autumn and make nasty.
Feb. sees me going off with the go team again on a large tour of the uk, should be a laff.

Thanks to all the people who have emailed with support for the greedy baby project, your kind words have kept me going.
Thanks to ed and andy for sticking with it and thanks to the go team for giving me a job.

and thanks for chi from the go team for taking the above photo, i thought fox network had rules about letting stupid hairy blokes in to the news studios, if they didn't, i bet they do now.

take it easy