For 72 continuous hours, from midnight Thursday 15th until Sunday 18th October 1999,
over a long weekend, Torkradio broadcast an audio webcast direct from The Junction's digital Studio.
Playing out to a global audience. using a bunch of cables, computers and coffee to create
a 72 hour marathon of new audio works.

Over 3 days, a mix of artists drawn from a broad
spectrum of disciplines performed live and on the edge...

'torkradio' was an amalgamation of artists work, live music and clubs taking place at the Junction ,
running concurrently with 'torkradio'.
'torkradio' was available not only to listeners with internet facilities at home but also in a number of selected
public places where the signal was hooked up to speakers.
Reply terminals meant passer's by could interact directly with the artists.

The project consisted of 24 newly commissioned works, mainly
by visual and performance art practitioners as opposed to those who make only sound or music.
The brief that they were given was to make a three hour live work for an internet radio station.
The contributions were diverse, audacious and included work from artists both well established
and new. Many pieces allowed the artists to collaborate and improvise together,
making the project a gratifying experience for everyone involved and much of the work spontaneous and fresh.

Cris Cheek@torkradio

there are 3 ways to sample the stench of torkradio

method 1: you are invited to visit the archive at gaialive, where
the broadcast rests in real audio format.

method 2: The entire 72 hour broadcast is available for listening
at The National Sound Archive (British Library).
give them a call to arrange an appointment.

method 3: A very limited edition 2 cd compilation
"live stereo shit"


special thanks to tim paul-read and matty parks ...

respect and thanks are due to all the artists, josh read, liesbeth bik,
lynda morris, bronac ferran, lois keidan, catherine ugwu,
jaime stapleton, toby oakes, ronnie simpson, anna harding,
josephine berry, benjamin berglund, rob barton, brenda beckford,
andrew chettie, robin townley and graeme mc ginty,
anne karpf, damien newman, mark at hypereality & rachel from psinet.

bob and Chris