junction audio residency
roney fraser-munro (k3)
welcome to the roney fraser-munro livestream audiowelt
over the next 12 months you will be able (conciousness permitting) to sample (or should it be taste)
a selection of audio, visual and text based creations from writer-performer and digital
artist > roney fraser-munro. herr fraser-munro is based at the junction cambridge for a residency
during which he will create a series of audio werks for internet broadcast by gaia live.
these audio werks will range from spoken word and poetry recordings through to the soon to be infamous fickschwein symphony.
if your ears savour something a little more challenging than the grosse garcon slim
(so popular amongst the pathetic legion of thatcher¹s children),
the martin macrutchon and the spice that! rhetoric of the dying record industry the keep
your lug-holes tuned. in the house for the future:
frank and ernie, curt vile, monique de pression, orchestra of cruelty, jfmc and k3 kinder kunst korporation kollaborators.
may the digital force be mit you!

roney fraser-munro and k3 kinder kunst korporation
(contemporary art, culture and media) can be reached at:

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